Instrument Transformers

We can make products up to 800kV.

SANDIAN is one of the top leaders in the field of HV Instrument Transformers in China, the market share of SANDIAN in State Grid Corporation of China is No.1 in recent years, more than 70,000 PCS of the HV Instrument Transformers from SANDIAN are operating in State Grid Corporation of China and in the substation from more than 30 countries in the world.

Our production capability can meet the requirements about the Quantities, Quality and Delivery time from customers, and all products are designed and produced as per IEC, ANSI standard etc.


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Current Transformers 0 ~ 800kV

LVB CT 36-765kV Oil-immersed Current Transformers

TYD CVT 36-765kV Capacitor Voltage Transformers

LVQB CVT 36-765kV Gas-insulated Current Transformers

Sf6 Gas-insulated CT is applied for metering and protecting in 36 -765kV HV electric power T&D system.

Voltage Transformers 0 ~ 800kV

TYD CVT 36-765kV Capacitor Voltage Transformers

JDCF PT 72.5-245kV Inductive Voltage Transformers