Corporate Social Investment

Uplifting Communities

Projects undertaken for the purpose of uplifting communities in general and those that have a strong developmental approach. It also includes projects that focus on social, developmental or community aspects where the investment is not primarily driven as a marketing initiative.

Tswelopele are passionate about education and pride themselves with the opportunities that we have created to provide disadvantaged individuals to further their education. Knowledge is power, and Tswelopele have provided bursaries for several individuals to further their studies.

Success through empowerment

We have assisted numerous students in their studies, especially in the electrical engineering and business administration fields. Their experience gained is highly regarded and sought after. Every student that has spent time with us has been able to find satisfactory employment to kick start their personal careers. This program is on-going and at present we have +-4 students doing their internship with us. For students to qualify, they need to have attended a technical university to participate in our internal training program to benefit from acquiring advanced skills through education