Step Voltage Regulator

Single-Phase automatic voltage stabilizer

Single phase step voltage stabilizer regulate each phase separately automatic voltage stabilizer monitor and control MODBUS, DNP3 communicate protocol could connector automatic voltage stabilizer to smart grid, HT voltage stabilizer is best and economic solution for those long distance transmission and distribution line voltage drop problem.

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IEC60076,ANSI/IEEEC57.15,C57.12.00, C57.12.20, C57.12.90, BS171, SABS 780 etc.


Tap changer with motor and internal power supply
Laser-scribed and aluminium nameplates
Lifting Lugs Stainless steel mounting provisions for shunt arresters
Porcelain bushings with threaded stud terminals Clamp-type connectors
Platform mounting provisions
Pole-type mounting brackets (250kVA and below)
External polymer series (bypass) arrester
Automatic pressure relief device
Inspection hand hole
Stainless steel ground bases